Camana Bay!!


We love love love Camana Bay!! Every wednesday we go to story time which was originally at Book and books, the cute bookstore here, but it has gotten so popular that they moved it to the movie theater, so they do 3 songs and 3 books, all which are projected on the big screen... it is super fun. Jane has been dying to go to a movie, so that is a bonus... after storytime we go play in the fountains, they have two fountains, a small fountain that is shaded that the little ones play in, and big ones, which on wednesday and saturday they bring out these huge carts full of giant foam blocks and they can play with in the fountain, it is super fun for the kids... they also have a farmers market that on wednesday, so we met up with Aubrey and Ayla, a friend from church and her daughter and hung out for about 4 hours!! It was super fun, we then came home and had lunch, and then jane's friend Allie and her family invited us to play in the fountains and have a dinner picnic, so we walked back. Jane told Nolan that she went with him to play with his friend Ayla (she is 10 months) so he had to go back with her to play with Allie and Nora Ruth... too cute..
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