Cayman National Museum

We were able to go to the national museum with some of our friends last weekend, the opened it up for child's month, and also had some fun activites set out in front for the kids. Jane made a bird mas, got a bird tattoo and frosted and devoured a bird cookie.... did you catch the theme?? Then we ventured inside to explore the museum, which ended up being a huge hit!! Upstars was a history of the land and people and downstairs of a history of the sea and all the sea creatures. Upstairs they had a bird room for the kids to try on different bird costumes and play in the giant nest!! Jane loved every part of the museum we literally went up and downstairs like three times, and spent three hours there. The history of the building alone was fascinating, it has served many functions of the years including: schoolhouse, jail, and courthouse. It was a very fun day!

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