Turtle Farm


As part of our Dolphin Park package we also got tickets to the Grand Cayman Turtle farm.  Jane couldn't help herself from kissing the baby turtles (to Ashley's dismay, something about fears of salmonella, but these are turtles not salmon, silly girl!)  They breed all kinds of sea turtles here for many different reasons, one of which is for culinary purposes, which I for one am very excited about (just looking at those little guys makes my mouth water)
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa our family will be proud season pass holders to the turtle farm which also includes pools for snorkeling and a mini water park, its amazing to me that the resident discount for an annual family pass is the same price as a single day pass for tourists.  We are very spoiled to have these experiences on a regular basis, it is such a blessing to live on this island at this time.
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Kensi Reece said...

sooooo cool!! I'm jealous!

Brad and Sue Frandsen said...

Great pictures! You have one brave little girl there! Nolan and I were at a safe distance dealing with the iguana that was climbing the wall, but no pictures....sorry. Love your guts!

The Powells said...

Your life is so cool. It REALLY makes me want to come and visit... would we need passports or just birth certificates???